Ola Assem in front of large torii gate in Japan.

Developer with a researcher mindset. Hello, I am Ola (pronounced ʿohl-lah). I am a Front-End Developer with a focus on accessibility, responsiveness, structured, and performant code.

Interested in the entire front-end spectrum, my love for development, design, and user experience converge by building visually interesting and inclusive websites.

Equipped with careers in humanitarian aid development and social science research, I draw heavily on my empathetic problem solving skills and attention to detail in my work. Asking good questions is essential — not just the "how" but also the "why."

A lifelong learner, I am comfortable quickly picking up new tools. But whatever the tools used, I thrive on bringing ideas to life and take pride in crafting polished user experiences.

Lets build something great!

I am looking for a front-end position at an innovative company that cares about modern best practices, collaboration, and learning.

If you'd like to work together or just say hello, please reach out! Feel free to also connect on my social sites.

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